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We have been so fortunate to receive feedback from our hospitals and from the
cancer patients themselves. Each and every one of these stories have
touched our very soul. Here are just a few of the many we have received...  
"Hello Lorian and Dave, I wanted to thank you so much for the Bro Bag full of inspiration and hope (along with some nice gifts) that your organization so kindly provided. I’m sitting at Hoag Irvine infusion center with an IV in my left arm for my first day of chemo and radiation treatments for throat cancer. My heart grows warm knowing that people like you give to others while they are on their healing journey. 

After getting home after a long day of chemo and radiation I went through your gift and discovered all sorts of thoughtful goodies. I’m so thankful that the two of you have a giving heart - and can only imagine the emotional lift you receive knowing you have touched someone like me. All the best." - patient
"Lorian, I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the Comfort Purse that I received today. I have been undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer for almost two years now and today when I went to chemo I was feeling very discouraged. A volunteer at Hoag noticed and brought me one of the comfort purses to, in her words, “put a smile on my face.” Isn’t it wonderful to know that without knowing me, you gave me something that God knew I needed today?  Thank you again for this lovely gift." - Janice, patient
One story came to us where a 24-year-old woman diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer was having an extremely difficult time accepting the fact that that her young life could be potentially cut short with such a devastating diagnosis. In her meeting with the Nurse Navigator, who was attempting to explain her next steps going forward, ie. chemotherapy, radiation, or both, the young woman was furiously angry at her diagnosis and was literally unable to have calm conversation. The Nurse Navigator then brought out one of our comfort purses from her cabinet and gave it to the young woman who then read the personal letter we provide in every Comfort Purse and Bro Bag. Her anger immediately dissipated and as she began to weep she said “How can someone do this for me when they don’t even know me?” She was then able to have constructive conversation with the Nurse Navigator about her next steps going forward. This is why we call them "Comfort Purses".

"Dear Lorian and Dave, To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement when you angels presented me with my "Comfort Purse." It is so much more than a purse filled with goodies... It is a gift straight from God Himself. Every time I touch that purse or any of the other great items that were in that "Love Bag" I tear up. I have no idea how exactly you two came up with this beautiful idea, but just know that anyone who receives one will know God is with them. I have some difficult days ahead of me but thanks to you two, I have plenty of activities to keep me busy and take my mind off of my pain and suffering. The purse you picked for me is "Perfect" in every way and when it is on my shoulder, I will smile and think of you two doing God's work here on earth. My cozy socks, scarf, goodie pouch, notebook, water bottle (so sharp, zebra pattern), word find a book with a positive spin, CD & DVD, purse hanger, and SPA day will bring hours and hours of HAPPY!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you both a million times!  XOXO" - Janis, patient

"Dear Lorian and Dave, Thank you so very much for the thoughtful gift. The Comfort Purse with all the items inside does give me hope and comfort. This will be a life-long journey, no cure other than surgery. I have deep faith, family and friends. Knowing this purse comes from you makes it even more special. May God bless you both." - Wendee, patient
"Lorian, it made a terrible day a lot more bearable. Thank you for putting these purses together. You have touched my heart and put a smile on my face too!" - Whitney, patient
"Hi Lorian. My niece is 38 and was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on her first visit. She has been participating in a City of Hope clinical trial for the last few months and she believes that God has a purpose for her even thru this difficult time. She is at the City of Hope today and received your Comfort Purse and was so excited and grateful. Thank you for making her day brighter and doing the same for others, and greatly thank you for putting a smile on her face."
"Dear Lorian, I met you at the Cancer Support meeting and I just wanted to thank you again for the Comfort Christmas Stocking that you gave to me. I am going to give it to my friend Val who has brain cancer. If you would be so kind as to remember her in your prayers. She has hospice now so she will be going to Heaven sooner rather than later. God bless you & your husband for your ministry of Comfort Purses." - Debbie, patient  


"Hello Lorian, I don't know if you remember me but I used to work at the radio station. That's where we met and as result of that you gifted my husband with a Bro Bag. I was recently going through some of his things and I found the letter that you wrote to him along with your email address. I want to thank you again for you and your husband's caring hearts.
My husband passed away on January 2nd of this year. He was given two months to live on November 19, 2019 but made it another 13 months. He was able to walk our daughter
down the aisle in June. In late March of 2020 he was able to move into the house that we had started building in the country. Those were his 3 goals and requests from God and they were granted. I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you again for helping us in a very sad time. God bless you both." - Oregon
"Dear Lorian, I was the lucky recipient of your wonderful Comfort Purse and I wanted to thank you. It was such a blessing the day I received it that it brought me to tears. I have had so much support from people I don’t even know during this time. It is truly amazing! It is so awesome that your heart is to do this work and I hope God blesses you abundantly as He
has me. Thank you again." - Joni, patient
"Dear Lorian, Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful gift to me and the girls. Your love and kindness after all of this time and considerable distance means so much to me. I hope that you are both well and enjoying life. Thank you again for thinking of me and putting that into such tangible action." - Gina  
"Lorian, What a wonderfully thoughtful gift you left at the Women's Center. A treasure trove of loving and encouraging gifts. I felt cared for (tearfully so) and quite overwhelmed. Thank you for your love and care! May God bless you for your kind thoughtfulness."- Becky, patient
"Dear Lorian, Thank you so much for the Comfort Christmas Stocking. I can tell you put so much thought into each item included to bring me hope and encouragement. Thank you
for the offer to give you a call if I need to talk! I feel like we have some similar experiences.
I thank the Lord for your ministry and the people you touch!" - Melinda, patient
"Dear Lorian and Dave, How very pleased I was to receive your thoughtful Christmas gift of a Comfort Christmas Stocking and its thoughtful selection of good thoughts and useful items. Your optimism encourages me to choose hope. May your lives be blessed. Thank you!" -  John, patient   
"Lorian, Thank you for the beautiful Comfort Christmas Stocking trimmed in Leopard print. Love and Blessings." - Joy, patient  
"Lorian, I just wanted to share my thanks for the wonderful gift I received from you via Hoag Hospital. I was in treatment for cervical and thyroid cancer and was given this beautiful pink Comfort Backpack with all kinds of wonderful items inside. I was being treated in late 2020 during COVID and this was a very bright spot in an otherwise challenging time. THANK YOU so very much for your thoughtfulness. It was more than you will ever know!" - patient           

"Hi Lorian and Dave, Thank you for my Comfort Purse!  I love it!  So kind!  You are right - this is making my treatment more bearable! So thankful for the good medicine and healing! Praying my chemo will be 100% effective. Thank you - It means so much to me!"- patient  

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